The Hitchiker's Guide to Roswell

hitchhiker's guide to Roswell, NM<br />

42 Things To Do

Roswell Towel Day Lands Saturday, May 25, 2024

@ The Roswell Convention Center. The complex shares parking with the adjacent Roswell Museum & Art Center & Robert H. Goddard Planetarium

Roswell Convention Center

#1 Experience: Crack open a geode @ Ancients of Days rock shop
#2 While there pick up “UFOs & The Bible”, signed by local author Guy Malone
#3 Visit: Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art
#4 Experience: Gamers delight @ Alien City Games
#5 Experience: Situational selfies w/ alien dummies in cafe setting @ Alien Zone
# 6 Experience: “Gimme a chimi” Eat a chimichanga from any @ Allsup’s
#7 Experience: Indoor Laser Tag & Axe-throwing @ Area 52
#8 Visit: Bitter Lakes Wildlife Refuge 
#9 Experience: Karaoke Every Thursday @ Black Cock Brewery
#10 Visit: Bone Springs Art Place
#11 Visit: Bottomless Lakes State Park
#12 Experience: Bricktown: Alien Attack
#13 Gotta hit up that salad bar @ Cattle Baron
#14 Experience: Discover Nature’s Art @ Ecclectic Treasurz
#15 Experience: Chase a frisbee @  Enchanted Lands Disc Golf Course
#16   Experience: Roll them die @ Frost Giant Games
#17 Visit: Buy handmade w/love products from our local Roswellian artists @ The Gallery Main Street Arts
#18 Experience: Shoot pool and play real arcade games @ Game Day
#19 Visit: Get your local abduction jerky @ Hangar 209
#20 Visit: Get your learn on @ Historical Society for Southeast New Mexico
#21 Visit: Discover the mystery @ International UFO Museum & Research Center
#22 Visit: Go watch a bird @ J. Kenneth Smith Bird Sanctuary
#23 Experience: Live Music @ The Liberty Inc
#24 Visit: Go small or go home @ Miniatures & Curious Collections Museum
#25 Book a huge event, or just Visit @ Roswell Convention & Civic Center
#26 Visit: Must-do x 2″ Roswell Museum & Art Center
 & Robert H Goddard Planetarium
#27 Visit: Check in and grab a bazillion brochures, and pics @ Roswell Visitor Center
#28 Visit: Enjoy fine wine tasting and artisan dining @ Pecos Flavors Winery & Bistro
#29 Experience: Party on the Patio @ Peppers Grill & Bar
#30 Experience: May 25, 2024 Immersive Dinner at The End of the Universe
(OR any regularly scheduled immersive on-stage dinners @ Roswell Community Little Theatre during regularly scheduled season performances)
#31 Experience: Be amazed in a tux or jeans @ Roswell Symphony Orchestra
#32 Experience: Black light and things that go bump in the night @ The Roswell Spacewalk
#33 Exper7ience: Exotic worlds thans to virtula reality @ Spaceport Roswell
33 Go beast mode @ Spring River Park & Zoo
#34 Poetry, open mics, java, grub, and hoopy froods @ Stellar Coffee Co.
#35 Cool off with a soda and sweet treats @ UFO Fizz (across from UFO Museum, open Sundays)
#36 Visit: Learn about the men and women that served our country from the old Army base @ Walker Aviation Museum
#37 Get cultured, be swept off your feet, dance like nobody’s watching and fall in love @ Way Way Off Braodway Theatre Company

38-41 Selfies w/
# The Mothership @ Galaxy Car Wash
# The ship and fam @ Western Inn
# Can’t miss him @ Dunkin Donuts
# And another @ Burritos & More

#42, return in July for our annual Roswell Galacticon right here back at the Roswell Convention Center, and the city-wide world-famous Roswell UFO Festival!

A fantastic nerdy weekend – all within walking distance of the Roswell Convention & Civic Center – is already guaranteed!

Roswell also offers indoor laser tag, spacewalk, virtual reality experiences, and so much more! Bring your unaware kids and fam who aren’t even hitchhikers, and Don’t Panic! There’s Lots To Do in Roswell!

Three great locally-owned favorite restaurants (Cattle Baron, Pasta Cafe, Farley’s Pub) are walking distance from the convention center: Get your coffee fixes at Stellar Coffee Co and The Hot Bev less than a mile away: Buy Local!

Guests and froods are asked to help make Roswell Towel Day a beloved new annual festival, by winning over our community, by supporting our LOCAL artists and merchants!

RosGuide has much more (events, attractions, local restaurants). Plus check out RosGuide’s “pick of the pack” attraction: the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art (just two blocks north on Main from RCC, and one right turn onto College Ave at the light).