Scheduled To Land on May 25th

Special Guests

Roswell Towel Day will be a fantastically froody nerdly Saturday! Everything a hitchhiker needs to enjoy life is within walking distance. Roswell offers indoor laser tag, spacewalk, virtual reality experiences, and so much more! Bring your unlearned kids and fam and Don’t Panic! There’s Lots To Do in Roswell!

Yvette Keller, Towel day Ambassador 2023, Photo by Richard Man<br />

Yvette Keller

2023 Towel Day Ambassador and Author of Douglas Adams’ London Map & Guide

Yvette Keller is the planet earth authority on Douglas Adams literary tourism, the 2023 Towel Day Ambassador, and the author of Douglas Adams’ London guide from Herb Lester Associates. For fun, she reads, performs in improv shows, and travels through time in historical costumes. For money, she is a business consultant and industrial voiceover professional. 

Her ultimate writing fantasy would be winning a prestigious literary award as an excuse to celebrate with a fancy costume dinner. Her chosen guests of honor would be John Finnemore, Guy Gavriel Kay, Patricia A. McKillip, Mercedes Lackey, Neil Gaiman, and a cardboard cutout of Douglas Adams.

For Roswell Towel Day 2024 events, she will appear at the Roswell Public Library, Roswell Convention Center, Roswell Community Little Theatre, and the Roswell UFO Museum on Sunday with other Towel Day Ambassadors.



Ødfel is a recognized editorial and fashion model, as well as an influential figure in the industry. Her work has graced the pages of renowned publications like Cosplay Culture Magazine, Thread, and Unplugged Magazines. Moreover, her captivating presence has been showcased on esteemed websites including Comicbook, Kotaku, and Screen Rant. Additionally, Ødfel has collaborated with prominent companies such as DC Comics/Warner Bros. on various commercial endeavors, solidifying her status as a versatile and sought-after talent. For Roswell Towel Day 2024 events, she will appear at the Roswell Public Library, Roswell Convention Center, Roswell Community Little Theatre, Roswell UFO Museum, as well as various surprise locations while doing/filming many of the “42 Things To Do In Roswell!”

Lisa Livingstone, Towel day Ambassador

Lisa Livingstone

2016 Towel Day Ambassador

Lisa Livingstone is the 2016 Towel Day Ambassador and much more than a Douglas Adams fanatic. She believes in empowering people to be their authentic selves and embrace neurodivergence, making the world more accessible for herself and others.

In 2023, Lisa participated in a Banned Book Challenge, reading more than a book each week. Other fandoms Lisa enjoys are Star Trek and Doctor Who. Doctor Fans Unite is a group Lisa frequents in San Antonio and she has been to Gallifrey One with the friends she’s made along the way.

Lisa works as a Peer Support Specialist in mental health using her story and wellness tools to inspire hope and healing in others. She stewards a little free library outside the home she shares with her partner and two kids. Her library focuses on Queer, Inclusive, and Banned Books.

Outside of work Lisa likes to knit, crochet, and needlepoint. This year’s biggest project is a book blanket, where a granny square is created to artistically interpret book covers (one of which was Last Chance To See).

Ken Kopacki, 2024 Towel Day Ambassador

Ken Kopacki

2024 Towel Day Ambassador

Ken Kopacki is the 2024 Towel Day Ambassador who is on a quest to spread copies of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy like confetti at a parade, having given away over 30 copies in the last few years alone! In addition to being a lifelong devotee of Douglas Adams and serial book giver-away-er, Ken is also a fine art photographer, who travels across the country capturing the beauty of the world around us. When not giving away books or snapping photos, Ken makes a popular Star Trek meme series that asks the important question “What if Captain Jellico was funny?” and was even instrumental in bringing Ronny Cox back to the role as Jellico for Star Trek:Prodigy.

Ken is also a proud member of STARFLEET: The International Fan Organization, and of the Gallifreyan Expats Society, a San Antonio based Doctor Who club, and even owns his own TARDIS.