Roswell Galacticon &

Guy Malone LLC Present

Roswell Towel Day

Uniting all “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” radio, movie, telly and/or book series froods for Hoopy Days at the End of the Universe!

Roswell Towel Day ALSO welcomes, invites, and rewards (CASH PRIZES) cosplayers from all sci-fi realms (Star Trek, Dr. Who, Lord Of The Rings, Superhero genres, anime …)

2024/2025 Sponsor Info

Thank you Roswell Galacticon & Guy Malone LLC is Roswell Flatts +
CBRI (Cattle Baron, Pasta Cafe, Farley’s Pub), Ray’s Galactic Motors, Ancients of Days rock shop, and Los Cerrito’s Mexican Kitchen for your support of this first annual Roswell Towel Day!


Roswell Galacticon
Since 2010, Roswell Galacticon has brought together sci-fi authors and filmmakers, with steampunk, superhero, anime and alien cosplay, and a community who hangs together year-round, enjoying smaller-scale special events all over Roswell. We even have “Galacticon Goes to the Movies!” nights together (Deadpool & Wolverine next!). In 2024, the Roswell Galacticon crew admins all of the events and vendor/exhibit hall happening at the Roswell Convention & Civic Center, during July 5-7, 2024’s world-famous Roswell UFO Festival. Roswell Towel Day is our first major “satellite” annual event … we’re thinking maybe a Steampunk Ball next? 

Roswell Galacticon<br />
guy malone llc<br />

Guy Malone LLC, aka Alien Stranger, is born again as Roswell Flatts
Part of the Galacticon crew as a vendor since 2015, a speaker and committee member since 2016 (and City of Roswell 2006 UFO Festival Director). Malone first read “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” while still in high school (42 years ago, give or take). Knowing what Roswell has to offer the Hitchhiker community and vice-versa, making this day a reality has been a dream of mine for almost 20 years. I am grateful for the support of my Galacticon crew for lending our local “street cred” to this new Galacticon satellite event, as a holiday to bring more sci-fi afficiandos, fandoms, and all those passionate about their art to visit Roswell.

Exhibit Hall & Vendors

It’s the only event in the universe where towels are the ultimate accessory!

Vendor List

Wildbird Games / Matt Bromley
Roswell Flatts / Guy Malone
Creations by Tandra / Tandra Johnson
Eide S. Nevets / Edie Stevens
Degenerate Coffee / Tanner Marker 
Magpie’s Shiny Things / Paddy Spei-Johnson
Oh Look, by Carla / Carla DeAnn Overmier
A Homemade Family / Angela Strange
Stranges Towel Creations / Dusty Strange